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It all began when we set out in search of the meaning of life and stumbled upon our purpose: to empower childcare and simplify parenting. We understand the difficulties of both childcare and parenting, and the vital need for seamless connection between the two. That's why we took it upon ourselves to make it happen. Our promise is to persist in our efforts year after year until we've made a meaningful impact.
Our commitment lies in building crucial tools and furnishing resources that guarantee the success of our childcare partners while also making childcare solutions easily accessible to parents. Stay tuned, as we continue to innovate and evolve.
Now that you know all about us, this is the part where you get all warm and fuzzy inside and think to yourself, "Wow, I love their mission so much, I need to tell everyone!" And you know what? We'd be absolutely thrilled if you did just that. So go ahead, spread the word to providers and parents alike - we'd be eternally grateful for your support.

As parents of young children, we understand the struggle of finding dependable childcare, whether it's long-term or backup care. In our search for the right provider, we discovered that the journey is just as difficult for them. Otterby aims to simplify parenting by streamlining the process for both parents and providers. We wish success to our providers and seamless parenting for our families.
Shruti & Pranay
Co-founders, Otterby Inc.

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