As parents, we often wing it as we go. We have made some amazing decisions in split seconds and some questionable ones too. We have all been there. That moment when we think we have it all figured out until we don’t.


Today we bring you some of the funniest parental fails from Twitter. Not really, we will have plenty more of these moments, and some will be even worse than others.


Take a seat and enjoy the ones we are bringing to you from our Twitter users.



















How did your parenting go wrong? We know you are just smiling deep down that it wasn’t you. However, comment in the box below and tell us about your parenting blunders.


In closing, just rest assured that this game will never have an ultimate winner if you think you have seen the worst. Just remember that someone will always beat our current winners.


Share your stories with us and we will tweet them from our official handle, tagging you, you amazing parents!

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